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Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Service (Connect Me)

NHS Connect Me Blood Pressure Monitoring

What is NHS Connect Me? 

NHS Connect Me, combines the expertise of healthcare professionals with the convenience of supporting patients to easily send in their blood pressure readings from wherever they are, while helping them to keep their blood pressure at safe levels. NHS Connect Me is supplied by Inhealthcare. 

Patients can choose to use the Inhealthcare app, text messaging or an automated phone call and NHS Connect Me will sends prompts to patients, reminding them to check and submit their blood pressure readings. 

The program will collate the readings provided by the patient and can be accessed by the clinician at any stage of the process. 

NHS Connect Me can also send patients advice to act on or ask the patient health related questions and give health promotion messages. 

The service, including any ‘SMS’ text messaging, is completely free of charge to patients. 

What are the benefits of using NHS Connect Me to Monitor Blood Pressure? 

  • NHS Connect Me gives clinicians the opportunity to monitor patients’ blood pressure remotely, reducing the number of face-to-face appointments required to diagnose, titrate, or monitor hypertension. 
  • NHS Connect Me gives patients the opportunity to have their blood pressure monitored by the practice without having to attend the surgery, reducing inconvenience and travel cost. 
  • NHS Connect Me can remove white coat syndrome, optimising readings, and clinical decision-making. 
  • NHS Connect Me allows patients to understand their own condition and make lifestyle changes or seek medical advice as required to allow them to maintain longer, healthier lives. In short it can motivate patients to self-manage. 
  • Studies show long term hypertension monitoring at home encourages medication compliance and therefore reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack. 

A nationally produced video to support the NHS Connect Me programme can be viewed via the following link: NHS Connect Me     

The British Heart foundation also provides a ‘how to’ video to Managing your Blood Pressure at home: Managing your blood pressure at home 

We encourage patients to purchase a home blood pressure device for self-management of their blood pressure monitoring. Further information on validated home blood pressure monitors can be found on The British and Irish Hypertension Society website 

The British Heart foundation also provides a ‘how to’ video to Managing your Blood Pressure at home: Managing your blood pressure at home

We encourage patients to purchase a home Blood Pressure device for self management of their blood pressure monitoring. Calsayseat have a limited number of blood pressure machines that can loaned for a period of up to 1-2 weeks. If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure though, having access to a household BP machine will allow you to keep a much better check on things and allow us to loan machines to those that might need them the most. Please note we would expect to charge anyone for a blood pressure machine that was not returned, or damaged through misuse or mishandling.

We do not endorse any particular brand of machine- but there is a list of approved machines by the British and Irish Hypertension Society.