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You should be reading this webpage if you have received an SMS/text message from Calsayseat Medical Group.

You have received this message because the results of your recent blood test show that your folate levels are low and needs to be treated. This is usually treated with a prescription for a folic acid tablet, which should be taken once daily, and should restore your levels to normal after 2-3 months. Prescriptions will be sent directly to your nominated pharmacy. Please call reception if you would like us to do something else with it.

The tablets are usually well tolerated by patients. If you feel the tablets are upsetting you, please let your doctor know.

When the tablets are running low, please make an appointment with the CTAC nursing team (01224 550200) to have your bloods rechecked. Please also look at NHS choices for advice on good sources of dietary folate (usually green leafy veg). Vitamins and minerals – B vitamins and folic acid – NHS (

If you have any questions about this please contact us at the practice.