Calsayseat Medical Group

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Quality Assurance

Our Practice aims to provide quality, consistent primary care for all patients. We strive to meet the high standards expected in any clinical setting and we expect all members of our Team to work to these standards to help us achieve our aim.

The policies, systems and processes in place in our Practice reflect our professional and legal responsibilities and follow recognised standards of good practice. We evaluate our Practice on a regular basis, through audit, peer review and patient feedback and monitor the effectiveness of our quality assurance procedures.

Quality standards and procedures

To assist our Team in providing our patients with care of a consistent quality we will:

  • Provide a safe and welcoming environment
  • Ensure all members of our Team are appropriately trained
  • Provide patients with information about the Practice and the care available, and ensure the patient understands the terms under which care is offered
  • Explain all treatment options and agree clinical decisions with the patient(s), explaining the possible risks involved with each option
  • Obtain valid consent for all treatment
  • Refer to Specialists for investigation or treatment as appropriate and without undue delay
  • Maintain contemporaneous clinical records with an up-to-date medical history for all patients
  • Provide secure storage of patients records to maintain confidentiality
  • Explain the procedure to follow for raising a complaint about the service, identifying the Practice contact

To provide our patients with a Team that provides care of a consistent quality we will:

  • Provide a safe working environment through hazard identification and risk assessment
  • Provide relevant training for all new Team members
  • Provide Job Descriptions and Contracts of Employment
  • Maintain staff records, ensuring they are kept as up-to-date as possible
  • Ensure staff are notified where all Practice policies and procedures are stored and accessed