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        Welcome to


Calsayseat Medical Group

Please take some time to explore our website, and see how to best take advantage of our services.

You can also access a range of other health related websites.
If you have a minor illness, you may not need a GP appointment.
Please take a moment to look at our minor illness page to see how you can self care with the help of the local pharmacist.
Out of Hours:NHS 24 Scotland telephone number is 111.

Enter Vision Online Services

(you must be registered for this service before you can use it). Calsayseat Medical Group's Practice ID is 30701. This service is only available for patients over 16 years old.

Alternatively you can email repeat prescription requests:   

University and College Students - IF YOU ARE ILL

During the time you spend at college or university you may experience an episode of illness. This may impact on your ability to attend lectures, exams, tutorials or completing some of your course work. We can only help with significant illness. Short duration or self-limiting conditions such as colds, flu, headaches, diarrhoea and vomiting do not need a doctors letter, and we will not issue one.

If you are significantly unwell and your tutor asks for proof in the form of certification, you can use our form, which can be downloaded here.

Your tutor and you will need to complete the form for Request for Evidence (Sickness Form Part B). This should be delivered to the person you have seen regarding your difficulties e.g. student counsellor, nurse or doctor, and will be done only at the doctors discretion, and will not usually be provided for minor/self limiting illnesses. There is usually a fee for providing written evidence of illness from your doctor, the price of which can be provided by reception.  

please note: Sick lines for work (known as form Med 3) are only applicable for illness preventing employment and Statutory sick pay purposes, and are not to cover illness in students. 


 NEW TRIAGE system for the allocation of on the day appointments. 


We have reviewed our system of allocating appointments requests and have decided to improve the fairness of responding to on the day requests. (read more)




Transport in the City

This door-to-door service has been designed to help you if you struggle to use conventional public transport to access the services you need. 

It will work in Aberdeen City between the hours of 8.30am and 5pm, Mondays to Fridays and can take you to Hospital, GP, Dental or Health Village Appointments. download leaflet

Call 01224 665568 for more information

or to book your trip.

Lines are open 9.30am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday.

Please note that this service is charged at 45 pence per mile.

This pilot transport service is funded by the Reshaping Care for Older People Change Fund

Be a LIFESAVER, know what to do if someone collapses with a heart attack or choking. Immediate action might just save their life. Learn how to use a AED (automatic defibrillation device) by watching this excellent interactive video game.

(play on PC, tablet or i-pad) . AEDs are now commonly found in supermarkets, bus stations, football stadiums and health centres, they are designed for anyone to use them in an emergency.