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Teen Health at Calsayseat


Here is a list of things you might find helpful in Teen Health, if you cannot find the answers for what you need here, please make sure you contact us to get good health advice.


Emergency Contraception

If you feel you are in need of emergency contraception ( the morning after pill) you must seek assistance as soon as possible.  Do not wait until the following week as tablets may not be effective.


-         Call us on 0845 337 6370 / select option 2. You need to see a doctor that day.

-         or go to your chemist.

-         or contact Family Planning Services at NHS Grampian Sexual Health Services at Aberdeen Community Health Village, 50 Frederick Street,Aberdeen 0845 337 9900  NHS Grampian's contraceptive service - information about finding the best contraceptive option for you.


ACIS youth can provide confidential counselling your young people (aged 12-18years). People can call themselves on 01224 573892 or text 07758 360095

1 Alford Place Aberdeen AB10 1YD. Office hours are 5.50pm to 8.30pm Monday to Thursday

Bullying: 1111(general advice),0800441111(bullying)


Alcohol and drugs: (quick check for alcohol intake) / 0800 3583456 (support for children of alcoholics) / 0800 776600 (drugs)


Sexual Health: (sex and relationships) 0845 1130005 ( lesbian gay bisexual transgender support group) and National AIDS helpline 0800 567123 (HIV)

Mental Health Issues: Breathing Space 0800 838587(anxious or feeling down-need to talk) /Penumbra ,31 Summer Street, Aberdeen 01224 644134 / 07795 602421 (self-harming support group)

Healthy Lifestyle & Diet: Teen Diet Advice (weight-Body Mass Index calculator for over 16s) (under 16s weight calculator and tips on healthy lifestyle) -NHS Free Smoking Helpline 0800 022 4332 and games for over 11s from the British Heart Foundation) (for over 11s-create a mini-you and see what happens as you age!) (14-19 yr olds sports leadership / volunteering)

General support/information: TEXT 07825 053136-family information service-support for kids and families–Children 1st (SSPCC) Aberdeen City Family Group Conference Service,36 Carden Place, Aberdeen 01224 251150-can help set up a group of supportive friends/family for children/young people in need of support -18 Marywell Street, Aberdeen-01224 224250-support and help with young homeless/supported accommodation/opportunities for activities/music studio safety)