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Extra Practice Services and Private Work



Private Medical Services / HGV Medicals

The following are some of the services that are not covered by the NHS, so you would be asked to pay a fee:

 (please make enquiries to our reception team as to what services we currently offer).

HGV/PSV medicals, (please note you need to bring photo ID to your appointment. Please also note that the HGV DLVA medical examination form includes getting an eye test. We ask that you have this done with a registered optician, prior to seeing us. Most GP surgeries do not have the specialist equipment required to do a full eye exam).  

Pre-employment medicals, 

Private health insurance claim forms,

Certain holiday vaccinations,

Private Certificates

Examples of other non-NHS services for which GPs can charge their own NHS patients are:

  • accident/sickness certificates for insurance purposes
  • school fee and holiday insurance certificates
  • reports for health clubs to certify that patients are fit to exercise


Examples of non-NHS services for which GPs can charge other institutions are:

  • life assurance and income protection reports for insurance companies
  • reports for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) in connection with disability living allowance and attendance allowance
  • medical reports for local authorities in connection with adoption and fostering

The fees list is available via our reception team or from the front desk

Why do GPs sometimes need to charge fees? An explanation is supplied by the BMA website



Healthy Helpings

If you been advised to reduce your weight for health benefits, you can apply to join NHS grampian healthy helping scheme, this is a free program to help people choose healthier options and also the all important idea of PORTION CONTROL, which is an important factor in helping people change their eating habits. Please just ask at reception for the forthcoming dates and locations of the healthy helpng meetings in the city.



Minor Surgery

A minor surgery service is run by Dr Cassidy. If you are referred to the clinic you will be sent an appointment letter. It is vital that you then call the surgery to confirm if you can attend (01224 849721), or if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. If you do not call back, your appointment will be cancelled and offered to another patient. This system is to ensure that appointments are not wasted.

Most procedures are done under a local anaesthetic at Calsayseat, and you will be given wound care advice to help healing. In most cases, you should be able to go straight back to most normal activities, so long as wounds are kept clean and dry. You will be told if any specimens removed are sent to pathology. These specimens usually take up to 8 weeks to process and you will be informed of the result by post. If you have not received a letter by 3 months please contact us. Please do not assume that if you have not heard anything that the specimen was normal.


Diabetes Clinic at Calsayseat

We currently have almost 400 patients with Diabetes at Calsayseat, and all those not requiring insulin can now be seen at our in-house clinic.This has improved access to diabetes care for a lot of patients who previously struggled to attend the busy hospital clinic, and our waiting times are also much shorter. We are also much easier to access by phone! Our aim is to give a friendly, relaxed but efficient service.


At this clinic you will see either the diabetes doctor or nurse, on an alternating basis. All the standard diabetes checks including weight, height, blood pressure, foot checks, urine and blood tests are done and your medication is reviewed. Advice and support is readily given for any problems or worries you may have regarding your diabetes, and appropriate onward referrals eg to podiatrists, dietitians, eye clinic, or the hospital clinic can be made as necessary.
There is ample opportunity for you to discuss your diabetes with a doctor or nurse whom you know in a relaxed environment.


The clinic is run by  Dr Grant and Dr Aitchison and Dr Denison.

If you have any queries or are interested in attending please call our Diabetes administrator, on 849764.

If you have been recently diagnosed with diabetes- the Diabetes UK website is a great source of information about diet, exercise and medical treatments to help control the condition- click here to have a look

Other Useful Advice (for Diabetics & Non Diabetics alike!)

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also try FSA Healthy eating
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