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No Delays
No Delays is a new way for patients to learn about the treatment and services that have been offered to them.

How does it work?

No Delays gives a GP or specialist the ability to ‘prescribe’ a video package to their patient so that when the patient returns to their home they receive a personal email that follows up the medical discussion. This digital postcard contains short videos introducing the condition and the team who will be working with the patient. It enables the patient to find answers to questions they may not have had time or knowledge to ask the clinician, and they are able to share this information with friends, family and carers. This is great for the patient at home, but it also prepares them for their future meeting with the consultant. No Delays videos feature patients who have had the same condition explaining in personal terms how they have coped. 

If your GP thinks you might benefit from  the "No Delays" service, they will ask for your email address so they can provide the access to watch the video package relevant to your condition. 

No Delays:

  • Helps patients understand their diagnosis so they can start making appropriate changes to their lifestyle and understand their treatment better.
  • In some cases it enables patients to access services remotely and get started on their recovery and rehabilitation
  • Allows health and clinical experts to give patients accurate, specific and tailored information that they need while spending less consultation time delivering repetitive descriptions of diagnosis, conditions and treatments.