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Mental Health: A small list of useful mental health resources which can help with anxiety, depression, life stress and other conditions.


Directory of available help for patients with mental health problems.


Aberdeen City Library:

Library membership is free and they have access to dozens of books and CDs for SELF HELP. These books can help with common mental health problems such as DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, POOR CONFIDENCE, BIPOLAR DISORDER, DEMENTIA, and help for those close to someone affected by these problems.


The Scottish Government have produced a free CD of breathing techniques to help patients with stress reduction. We have made them available to download to your computer of phone for you to try. Remember you will only get good from these exercises if you do them regularly and make the time for yourself to do them. Doctors and Therapists can provide the tools for you to reduce stress and anxiety, but only you can do the exercises. Like any exercise, the more often you do it, the easier it gets.



 01 getting started.mp3

02 understanding stress.mp3

03 deep relaxation.mp3

04 quick relaxation.mp3

05 belly breathing.mp3



LEGAL HIGHS and DRUG misuse or dependance

"Legal" does not mean "safe". Legal highs are substances marketed as alternatives to illegal drugs. You are taking a risk buying anything like this, you do not know what is in the packet, or what it may do to your mind or body. Most of these chemicals have not been tested on humans, and several have been linked to deaths. It is best that you have as much information about this, to enable you to take the safest choice for your mental and physical health.



Drugs Action is the largest local organisation helping provide support and harm reduction advice to those whose lives are affected by drug use. The offer counselling, a needle exchange, HIV and Hepatitis testing, family services, as well as help to those involved in the sex industry. 

Helpline: 01224 594700

Penumbra is a local charity that is specifically there to help people with mental health problems

Contct Mon to Fri 1000 - 1800 on 0333 444 0324 (freephone). They are there to hep with various problems inc crisis management, signposting for help and services, or just someone to listen your concerns.

They also have a walk in service at their building on 20 Back Wynd, Aberdeen AB10 1JP


Polish Association Aberdeen is a registered charity offering several services to Polish nationals. One service that can be of help is professional counselling. You may find it easier to speak in your first language when trying to deal with personal problems. They also offer consular services and English teaching.

Youth Counselling:

ACIS youth can provide confidential counselling your young people (aged 12-18years). People can call themselves on 01224 573892 or text 07758 360095.  1 Alford Place Aberdeen AB10 1YD. Office hours are 5.50pm to 8.30pm Monday to Thursday


Substance misuse

Mon - Fri: 10am - 4pm. Home ...

Children and Families

Mon - Fri: 10am - 4pm. Home ...

Care and Support Services

Grampian CareData. Care and ...


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Learning Disabilities

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Money Matters

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Living Life to the Full: This website offers a free life skills course that aims to provide access to high quality, practical and user-friendly training.

Free leaflet for living life to the full.

Breathing Space Scottish NHS free phone advice and internet self help for mental health issues (lines open 6pm to 2am)

The Scottish Association for Mental Health


People with Autism and their families can now access the One Stop Shop in order to offer help. They can help with information, budgeting advice and support.

Phone: 01224 633040 Email:

Visit: 9 Queens Gardens, Aberdeen, AB15 4YD Travel: Buses are No’s 11 and 13


Alcohol Advice


Getting advice about alcohol and sensible drinking can be found through

NHS alcohol help