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Appointments at Calsayseat Medical Group




We have reviewed our system of allocating appointments requests and have decided to improve the fairness of responding to on the day requests.


How will this work for you?

If you have an urgent need to call the surgery please call as normal.


The Receptionist will assist you to find an appropriate appointment.  If you can not wait for this appointment then your request will be referred to the Duty Triage Team.


What does this mean and what will happen next?

The Receptionist  will  ask you for information to help the Triage Team.

  • What is the nature of your problem?

  • Who do you normally see, referred you, arranged for your test?

  • What contact number can the team call you on.


How long will I have to wait to be called back?

Every morning the Duty Triage Team will be backed up by the consulting clinical team this will assist everyone to receive as prompt a return call as possible.  


I don’t think I really need an appointment but I do need advice?

The Triage Team will assist you and will not invite you down to the surgery if they can assist you via their telephone consultation.


When I am poorly I pop down and get an appointment?

The Receptionist will take your details as above and you will receive a telephone call from the Duty Triage Team.


Why is this system better than before?

We carried out an audit of our appointments and found that 24% could have been dealt with over the telephone.

 If, everyone who could be dealt with over the telephone was, this would free up significant capacity for those with more long term chronic illness requiring review.


We will monitor how the new system is working and continue to make improvements.  In the meantime the system will need time to bed in and we would ask you for your patience.


 A standard GP appointment is for 10 minutes. If you feel you have a complicated problem, or have a list of issues you need to discuss, we would ask that you tell our reception team, so they can offer a double appointment. This will give you and your doctor more time to deal adequately with your needs.

 Our Nurse Practitioner is also able to deal with many problems and prescribe.  If the receptionist feels your problem is suitable, you will be offered an appointment with her.  She works closely with all the GPs and can contact them at any time should she need to.


What will happen when requesting an appointment? 

The doctors have trained the receptionists to ask patients questions when there is a request for an appointment.  

These questions are to find the best type and time of appointment for you.

You should have no fear of lack of confidentiality, or that the receptionists are trying to be doctors.  

The receptionists will ask.

Is this a problem a doctor has already been dealing with? 

Do you think this is something the doctor can deal with over the phone?  Will the doctor need to examine you?  

Can you tell me the nature of your problem? (Our receptionists are not being nosy! Having a vague idea of why you are calling can help them direct you, so you can get the most appropriate contact with a doctor or nurse).


Telephone Consultations 

 Some problems can be dealt with over the phone and all GPs offer 5 minute phone appointments which can be booked in advance.  This is often useful to review existing problems by the GP who knows you well.

Provides a service that can resolve concerns quickly. 

The doctor or the nurse practitioner will phone you back at an agreed contact number at an arranged time.

Landlines are preferable to mobiles. Remember to make sure you tell us if you change your phone number.

This is suitable for common self-limiting illnesses, queries about prescriptions, or if you require advice or reassurance about an ongoing complaint. However, if you have a complaint that requires a physical examination then of course it is best that we see you face-to-face. 

Please ensure you are available, To protect your confidentiality, a message will not usually be left on an answering machine.